Aqua Zumba is currently offered at the pool.  It sounded fun, in a kind of self-hating fashion.  Not that I think people who do zumba hate themselves, it just looks painful.

Saturday morning, I got myself to the pool early enough to talk to the instructor, a very pleasant woman named Kim.  I should be able to remember that.  I asked, “How much impact is there on your ankles and knees?”

“Oh, not much at all,” she assured me.

She was wrong.  About 2/3 of the way through this, my feet informed me of an impending revolution, so I stopped bouncing and tried to concentrate on doing the movements more deliberately instead of more vigorously.  Took me 10 minutes to get out of the pool.

The biggest problem wasn’t the bouncing, however,  It was my arms.  My shoulders were so tight and in so much pain that even though I’d had a tough arm workout on Tuesday, this was twice the pain.  I asked my friend and physical therapist at church about the pain – had I hurt myself?  Torn ligaments?  Rotor cuff?

She asked if I’d like her to work on me.  Anything, I said.

I won’t be so eager next time.

J had me sit down on a chair, and located the center of the pain, and proceeded to put her pointy elbow on the spot and push down.  Hard.  In front of my priest.

It is amazing what you can not say when you want to.  Self-control comes in odd guises.  In my case, a black cassock.  When she said, “you can feel this behind your left eyeball,” she was exactly right.

But I felt better the next afternoon, after another light swim.

My sprints are getting noticeably longer.  I did one session of 1 2 minute sprint + a 1 minute rest, then 7 3 minute sprints with a 45 second rest between.  That was a killer, but the very next time I got in, 3 minute sprints weren’t hard, except for when I lost count.  I managed at least one 4 minute in there.

That 4 minute sprint encouraged me to try a lot harder today.  Both times I’ve swum this week, I’ve have very limited time.  Less than 40 minutes in the pool makes me press myself for longer sprints because I don’t have the time to wait on the rests.  I did one 2 minute, one 3 minute, two 4 minutes and a 5 minute sprint in about 40 minutes today with roughly 45 second breaks between.  The timing today forced me to move my legs a lot, more than my arms, but I’m still feeling it there.

I caught a look at my profile today in a window.  What should be sticking out further than my belly is today.  Today, I wore a shirt that I couldn’t wear in July without too much flattening of my bust – still tight but not like it was.  It fits the way it should.

I’m listening to belly dance music right now, doing some belly rolls while drinking beer. Incongruity, that’s my middle name.


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On the 15… on the 15… on the 20…

Because the deep water exercises I’m doing instead of flat out swimming don’t end at each end of the pool when doing the “run” portion of the C25K plan, it’s hard to remember what time I’m supposed to be watching.  I’ve taken to thinking obsessively about what the second hand should be resting on when I’m done with this set.  

I now have a good perspective on the cold pool where I generally swim:  the warmer pool has one clock I can read when the minute hand isn’t too close to the second hand.  Swimming in a pool that hosts a couple of swim teams does mean they have great big clocks all synchronized.  

Therefore, “on the 15” means that’s my goal to get to when I can stop the “run” portion – hereafter referred to as my sprint.  

I probably should probably start some kind of log, since I’m pushing myself a little more than the C25K program asks.  Today I did two 2 minute sprints with a minute slow pace after each, then four 2.5 minute sprints with 1 minute slow paces, then two final 1 minute sprints with a minute between them.  I thought I was done at that point but…

In the other pool, a water exercise class was starting.  Now, having done this for a couple of years, you’d think I’d know that watching a deep water exercise class is not very informative.  All you see are heads and maybe hands above the water.  All the work is done where you can’t see it.

Ok, so I can’t go to the class, since I’m at this pool on a guest pass and all these people pay money for their classes.  Instead, I go to a resistance pool.  I’ve never been in one before unless I was on a tube and floating, which is not what this place is about.  People who walk against the waterflow get the right of way.  Ok, so I turn that way and immediately understand why.  While not entirely knocking me over, it’s a stiff push against me as I walk.  I tried some lunges, and at the suggestion of another swimmer, tried walking backwards against the flow.  

Undoubtedly, I will be feeling this.

Fortunately, I’m at my parents’ house, so I can soak in their hot tub when I do.

I did master an interesting cross stretch that I think should help slim my waist.  I’m moving in the water like a cross-country skier, and by twisting at my waist and stretching my arms out across my body to the point that I turn my shoulders, I felt it in my sides.  Another week and I’ll see if those dress pants that were too tight in the waist are starting to fit better.



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In the water

This was technically the 3rd workout.  I followed the same sequence as the C25K first week.  I felt somewhat pained yesterday after Tuesday’s workout, but I got into the water and did an expanded workout.  

I’m feeling it now.

I realized the problem with doing this workout in the water:  a 5K race is a goal to achieve.  The closest thing I can do in the water is swim a mile.  I checked google for a similar swimming program that looked… too intense.  Swim 4 lengths, breathe 12 times and do it again is too much like work.  I’ll stick to the running program in the water, but I think a goal is probably a good thing.  I don’t know what I could use as a goal.

I’ve been trying to find some more deep water exercises.  I’ve modified a few, extending the stretches a bit more.  Good core workout that way.  I used some Styrofoam  resistance equipment around my ankles – those were crazy when I wasn’t moving.  But it was a nice addition to the workout.


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Not a great start: Reboot

I got out – once.  The next day, my daughter presented me with 5 days of nastiness – who doesn’t hate summer colds?  Then the weather, uncharacteristically cool for August in Ohio, suddenly decides to present us will all the humidity it had been saving up since June.  

So I tried again.  Another more successful trek, this time I didn’t turn off the mp3 player when I stopped to retie my shoes.  I finished the whole thing.  Didn’t hurt too much that day, but the next day was not pretty.

I spent some time talking to Roger.  Roger is long-time runner.  Decades of running.  He was very encouraging, but honestly, running is boring.

So I decided to make a change.  Instead of running today (in 76 degrees plus 82% humidity when I got up this morning) I opted for the pool.  I tried to go yesterday, even had my suit on all morning, but circumstances blocked me.  Today, I got prepared earlier and made it to the pool.

I like swimming.  I don’t feel sweaty when I’m swimming.  I like the feel of the water, I like water resistant exercises, I like not getting stinky.   I looked around the net for a local water exercise class with no success, but as I entered the natatorium today, the first thing I saw was an Aqua Zumba class ad taped to the door.  $5 per class, ever Saturday morning.

I can do that.

In the meantime, I did the C25k workout in the water.  I was close enough to the clocks to keep track of my times.  I did all 8 sprints for 60 seconds each, with the 90 second rests.  I’m not sure I got a full 5 minutes warm-up or cooldown, but I didn’t feel like I needed it.  Time will tell.

I’m feeling it in my arms now.  We’ll see how I feel tomorrow.  But it’s great to be in a pool and my calves don’t hurt.  WIN!



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MP3 woes, or resume =/= restart

It’s taken me months to get out there and just do it.

I looked at my family’s pictures taken a week after my 54th birthday and said that something had to be done.

C25K had been on my awareness horizon for a while, but… it’s running.  Running is boring, it’s sweaty, and did I mention it’s boring? Add two very arthritic knees and a bad ankle, foot and attitude, and this was something mentally intriguing but not likely.  Nevertheless, I downloaded the app, scrounged up some running clothes, and then looked for my mp3 player for several days.

Once found, must be charged.  Once charged, must download the http://www.c25k.com/podcasts.htm by Robert Ullrey because I am all about someone else telling me what to do.

Stop laughing.

Halfway through the run, my shoes needed adjusting, so I sat down on the conveniently located bench and paused the mp3.

See the title of this entry.

I was not going to restart, regardless of what stupid thing I had just done to my player.  I don’t know how to scan through a podcast and I was increasing in pain in my calves (unexpected by me, but seriously, you can’t be in my poor condition and not anticipate pain while running) to the point that during the 5th run cycle, I ran about 4 steps and then walked the rest.  Now that my instruction guide was restarting, I simply walked back.

Note to self:  get new earphones – having this work in 1 ear is not good.

Clothing was workable, but I need something to carry my player and my keys.  No pockets today.  I need to figure out alternatives to stuffing inside various garments.

Success scale?  If 10 is completing the run with the podcast, I get a 5 – only half way done.

Need to look up more about chi running.

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